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Power to your Bookmarks

MindiT is a free online graphical bookmark manager.

We specifically designed MindiT to promote rapid collection, management, and access to online information.

To learn more, check out the short video tutorial below:

MindiT is not just another social bookmarking website!

Social bookmarking sites are great, they provide perfect solutions for such things as sharing your mustache related link collection or to tell the world that you think cats are awesome

But sometimes you don't want to social, sometimes you just need to get something done:
  • You need to submit a school paper on the latest developments in "renewable energy".
  • Your boss wants to know the implications of implementing a private cloud for your organization.
  • You have one week to prepare and deliver a lecture on the future of medical imaging.
  • You need to master a new programming language to beat a deadline.

The common trait to all the tasks above: they all require massive online research.

This is where MindiT comes in.

Collect - Organize - Access - Retain

MindiT is built on the premise that a clean, concise, colorful graphical representation of bookmarks is much more intuitive and useful than the standard list or tree based solutions commonly available.

Or in other words that this:

About MindiT

Is far superior to this:

About MindiT

MindiT's visual representation of links are called Linkmaps:
Linkmaps are designed to tap into your brain's natural visual perception abilities
And provide a more efficient way to organize and access information

Why are linkmaps easier to work with than traditional bookmarks?

Consider the traditional way of searching for a perticular article from a list of 200 bookmarks:

  • Open the bookmark menu
  • Scan the different folders, trying to remember where you put the item
  • Open one folder, scan through the list - it's not there...
  • Open another folder...
  • If your bookmark manager supports search, you try to search by tags - then you remember that you didn't bother to add tags when you captured the bookmark...
  • After a few minutes you finally locate the bookmark
  •         - or -
  • you give up and just google it again.

The MindiT way:

  • You open the relevant linkmap with your 200 bookmarks.
  • Using color and item position as guidance you quickly find the item ("Oh yeah, the IT related stuff are the green ones on the left") - You click to navigate.
  • If you want to search, the search actually works, since the MindiT add-on already created the search tags automatically when you captured the link.

We are working hard -
         so you won't have to

Mindit's intelligent browsers extension makes adding new bookmarks easy. The extension does most of the work for you:

  • Select the best linkmap to host the new bookmark based on the web page content.
  • Select the most relevant point in the linkmap to attach the new item.
  • Extract search key words (tags) from the web page.
  • Suggest a concise name for your new bookmark.
We are constantly working to improve our automatic detection algorithm so you could do less typing and organizing - and concentrate on what really matters: getting your stuff done.
MindiT works best when used with a browser extension.

For best results use one of the following browsers:

For quick orientation: check out the "About MindiT" MapLink

About MindiT

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